Vision, Objectives, Goals


The vision of BANT is to enrich the lives of the people of Bangladesh-origin living in North Texas, by inspiring their mind and spirit to create a sense of pride in maintaining an unique Bangladeshi identity here in the US, by projecting the rich culture and heritage of Bangladesh to our young generation in particular and by fostering social and cultural awareness among the Bangladeshi community in general.



To create and maintain a common platform for all the people from Bangladesh living in North Texas through exchange of ideas, socialization, and unity.

To organize social, cultural and charitable events with a view to project the rich culture and heritage of Bangladesh

To celebrate important national holidays of Bangladesh promoting history and cultural awareness among the young Bangladeshi-Americans in particular.

To promote welfare for the Bangladeshi community living in North Texas as well as the people of Bangladesh at the event of any disaster with a particular attention to the children.

To respect and cooperate with other organizations involved in serving the Bangladeshi community as well.

To improve understanding and friendship between the Bangladeshi community and the different ethnic groups living in the USA including the main-stream American people.