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 Dear Community Members,x2x1

As you all know, a three Member Election Commission was formed at a
General Meeting on December 24, 2017 to conduct the election of new
Executive Committee Members of Bangladesh Association of North Texas
(BANT) for 2018-2019 fiscal years (For a two year term).

The Election Commission has the final authority to decide the election
procedures and will conduct the entire process from a point of
neutrality and without any external influence. The Article of
Incorporation, By-Laws and the subsequent amendments of BANT’s
Constitution will be the guidelines in conducting the election. BANT’s
Constitution is available at www.bantdfw.org

The Election Commission now take the privilege of inviting candidates
for the following positions:

1. President                    2. Vise-President
3. General Secretary            4. Assistant General Secretary
5. Cultural Secretary           6. Treasurer
7. Organizing Secretary         8. Executive Member
9. Executive Member

Eligibility to contest:

1. Applicant must be 18 years or older who must be Bangladeshi, living
in Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex and its    surrounding cities. Must have Texas
State provided ID or Driver’s License.
2. Any individual who has been engaged in any subversive activities
against BANT currently or in the past is not eligible to contest in the

The application for nomination has to be in a prescribed form provided
by the Election Commission . All applications must be submitted in
person to any one of the  Election Commission member by 11:00 PM,
Monday,  January 15, 2018.
Each candidate must pay a no-refundable filing fee of $50.00 (Fifty
Dollars) for his/her nomination.

Last day to withdraw the nomination is January 18, 2018. In case  a
candidate decides to withdraw his/her nomination from a position, the
application filing fee will not be refunded.

The date and location of the election will be notified on a later time.

We greatly appreciate your participation and cooperation in making this
election a success.


Mohammed Abdul Matin    3412 Napolean Court,  Plano,  TX.  7502
Muhammad Quamrul Ahsan  740 Bethany Lake Blvd, Allen Tx. 75002
Nahida Ali      7657 Scarlett View Tr, Fort Worth, TX 76131x1 x2